Silk Rug Cleaning.

In the world there are very few things that for hundreds and thousands of years remained rare, exclusive and desirable, one of them are silk rugs silk were luxurious masterpieces a long time ago and remain so to this day. Silk Rugs are valuable peaces of art work beautiful and expensive. Silk rugs can be placed on the floor and the wall. The second option is preferable for those who like to consider the rug as a work of art.

Putting Silk Rug on a high traffic area is not recommended. If your Silk rug got stained Clean the stains immediately before they set in and attach to the silk fibers.

Three things we recommend to keep you silk rug in great condition Vacuum Silk Rugs Regularly, Swipe Them With A Soft Broom , Shake The Rug At Least Once A Weak.


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Fort lauderdale Rug Cleaning Process.


Step 1: Inspection

Our Experts inspect your rug: Front, back, edges and fringes. Our experts always take their time to provide you with the best advice in which needs to be done, as well as the origin and type of rug.

Step 2: Dusting

This is the most important step in the cleaning process, by air dusting we remove all the dry soil from the rug with our special designed dusting equipment.

Step 3: Gentle Bath

After removing all the dry soil we than begin to hand wash the rugs, we always wash both sides to assure your rug is getting the treatment it deserves.

Step 4: Rinsing

Once your rug has been professionally washed both sides, it is then time for the rinsing process. In this process we remove the rest of the dirt from the rug.

Step 5: Drying

Then your rug moved to our drying facility.

Step 6: Fringe Detailing

In this step we detail the fringes. We always make sure rug fringes are white and clean!

Step 7: Final Inspection

At final inspection our experts take final look at completion of the cleaning process if doesn't meet our high standards of clean we then will repeat steps 1-7 to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Silk Rug Cleaning Service

Fort Lauderdale Silk Rug Cleaning offers professional silk rug cleaning services in Ft Lauderdale. Cleaning silk rug is not learned over night it requires a lot of expirience not to damage the structure of the rug.

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